Swap Rates Explained

A brief explanation of swap/rollover charges at Evolve Markets.

  • All swaps, except cryptocurrency, are charged in POINTS. Cryptocurrency swap rates show the funding in terms of PERCENTAGE. A swap charge or credit is displayed in your selected account-based currency (BTC, USD, LTC, ETH, SOL, or XAU).

  • Swaps are charged at 5PM Eastern (New York) time Monday through Friday for FX, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks; and 7 days per week for crypto. Positions open at exactly this time are subject to swap/rollover. Positions closed before or opened after this time are not subject to swap/rollover.
  • Triple Swap: Wednesday for Forex and Metals. Friday for Commodities, Indices, and Stocks.
  • Rates for Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks are posted & updated daily at 00:00 UTC. Rates for Cryptocurrencies are dynamic and updated throughout the day.
  • Swap values (Swap Long and Swap Short) for Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks displayed in Quote Currency of the symbols at 1.0 Lot volume are available on the Specifications page, and in the Specifications tab in the Webtrader. Swap values shown as percentage for these markets are also available in the Webtrader.
  • Swap values for Cryptocurrencies are published in percentage (Swap Long % and Swap Short %) on the Specifications page and in Webtrader. The Crypto swap values in the MetaTrader platform are displayed as APR (Annual Percentage Rate).
  • Swap values for Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks displayed in Points per Lot are available in MetaTrader (MT5 and MT4) in the Specifications tab of each selected symbol (Specifications tab is displayed by right-clicking on the selected symbol in Market Watch panel and selecting Specification).

The above information can be found by right-clicking the symbol in ‘Market Watch’ in MT4/MT5 and clicking on ‘Specification’.

In this example, long positions in EURUSD will be charged -10.866 points per lot. Shorts will be paid 4.63 points per lot.

If we SELL 2 lots of EURUSD, we can calculate the swap charge using the formula:

Lots * Swap Rate = Swap Charge/Credit ]

2 * 4.63 = 9.26 points ]

Point values in USD for all FOREX symbols can be found here: https://evolve.markets/specifications

For EURUSD, the point value is $1 USD, so your account would be credited the equivalent of [ $1 point value * 9.26 points = $9.26 ] converted to your selected account base currency.

Conversely, if you were LONG 2 lots EURUSD, your account would be debited [ 2 * -10.866 = -21.74 points ], which is the equivalent of -$21.74 USD.

Triple Swaps on Wednesday:

FOREX and Metals positions held at 5 PM Eastern time (EST) on Wednesdays are charged 3 times the posted swap rate. Due to the 2 day settlement time of FOREX, trades held past 5 PM EST on Wednesday cannot be settled until the following Monday; therefore, the triple charge accounts for the interest accrued over Saturday and Sunday. Triple swaps for energy Commodities, Indices and Stocks are applied on Friday.


crypto swaps

Swap rates for cryptocurrency instruments are shown as APR (Annual Percentage Rate) in MT5 and MT4.

If BTCUSD price was $40,000, the swap was showing -10.95 APR% and you SELL 2 lots of BTCUSD, we can calculate the swap charge using the formula:

[ Lots * BTCUSD Rate * Swap Rate / 365 = Swap Charge/Credit ]

[ 2 * $40,000 * -0.1095 / 365 = -24 USD ]

For BTCUSD, the above example comes out to $12 per 1.0 BTCUSD volume per day, converted to your account base currency.

Swap/rollover rates for Cryptocurrencies in percentage are always here: https://evolve.markets/specifications, and in the Webtrader.


Feel free to contact us at support@evolve.markets or through Twitter @EvolveMarkets for any questions or further details.