Maximizing profits in a volatile market: The benefits of diversification

Analysis and trends of the cryptocurrency market value and trading volume

The cryptocurrency market has seen a significant drop in value in 2022, falling from a peak of $2.9 trillion to around $800 billion at its lowest point so far. This represents a decline of around 70%. Daily trading volumes have also decreased, falling from an average of $100-150 billion per day to $30-100 billion per day. The market crash in 2018 saw a similar decline, with the market capitalization falling from around $830 billion to just $100 billion, a drop of 88%. Daily trading volume also plummeted, falling by 84% from nearly $70 billion to about $10 billion.


It’s worth noting that the market bottomed around 12-13 months after the initial crash in 2018, and it took almost two more years of sideways trading before entering a new bull market. The market value also tripled from its low of around $100 billion to around $300 billion during this period before falling another 50% before the next bull run.


Last year’s events suggest that further declines in the market are still a possibility. However, it’s difficult to predict precisely how the market will behave. The best we can do is look for signs in the market and try to draw lessons from previous crashes to try and anticipate how the market might move.

Comparing the current market crash to past events: Key differences to consider

There are a few key differences between the current market crash and the crash of 2018. One major difference is that the current crash is largely a result of the issues faced by major players in the market, whereas the 2018 crash occurred when the cryptocurrency market was still relatively young. Additionally, the 2018 crash took place during a time of global economic growth, while the current market decline is occurring amid economic uncertainty and the possibility of an impending recession.


Another important difference is the increased involvement of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market. Approximately 60% of institutions now own digital assets, which means that the market is no longer solely driven by retail investors as it was just a few years ago. It is unclear how institutional investors will protect their investments in the current market, but it seems that many are holding onto their digital assets or adding to their portfolios.


Navigating a volatile market: Strategies for identifying trend reversals


It’s difficult to predict exactly when the bottom of the market cycle will be reached or what will trigger the next bull run. However, there are a few signs that can indicate a change in the market. One key indicator is volume – when a price moves on high or above-average volume, it’s likely that something important is happening. Similarly, the RSI indicator can be used to identify when the market is overbought or oversold and may signal a change in trend.


Monitoring online communities and social media can also provide insight into the prevailing sentiment and help identify news that may not be covered in mainstream media. It’s important to remember that cryptocurrencies are not isolated from the global economy, so it’s worth considering macroeconomic factors such as inflation, labor market conditions, interest rates, and regulatory changes when analyzing the market.


It’s also important to consider the fundamentals of individual cryptocurrencies or sectors, including key developments, network upgrades, and increasing adoption by institutions and mainstream investors.


It’s likely that the sideways market will continue for some time, even after the market reaches its low. Instead of trying to time the market perfectly and buying at the absolute lowest prices, it may be more profitable to focus on actively trading and finding profitable opportunities in other markets. Waiting for a clear indication of a trend reversal in the cryptocurrency market may also represent a lower-risk strategy.



Finding the right trading platform: Key features to consider

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