Platform Time Changing to GMT+2

On Sunday, 5th November 2023, the Evolve Markets platform time will shift from GMT+3 to GMT+2 as the United States transitions out of Daylight Savings Time.

How does this change affect your trading?

On Sunday, the server time for both Evolve Webtrader and MetaTrader will be adjusted to GMT+2. This change will necessitate a brief maintenance period, the estimated time is approximately 10 minutes. During this period, there may be temporary interruptions to pricing and trading. Please be aware that the change to the new server time may also affect your EAs and custom indicators, and you may need to adjust any relevant time settings.

For most trading symbols, their trading hours will remain unchanged in relation to the new GMT+2 platform time. However, the trading hours for 5 specific symbols will be adjusted. Please refer to the spreadsheet below for a detailed overview of these changes.

**New Trading Hours are in server time GMT+2**


Feel free to contact us at or through Twitter @EvolveMarkets for any questions or further details.