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Our founders are a mix of early crypto OGs and seasoned traditional finance guys. The mission of the company is to create a trading platform that brings together the best of both worlds.

We build our platform on these values


We put most of our development hours into constantly improving and upgrading our security features. We use self-hosted solutions and don't just say we put security first because it sounds great.


There are no hidden fees on our platform and never will be. We believe in honest business practices, which is why we're open about our pricing structure and transparent about our marketing activities.


We understand that you value your privacy and we share this sentiment. We work hard to ensure that all your data remains safe with us, and allow as much anonymity as possible.

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Evolve in numbers

47,6% very much, I like your support

31% I’m fond of them

21,4% they are okay

0% not happy

0% can’t deal with them*

* Some days our support says they’re not satisfied with themselves but we all have good and bad days, right? 😉

Would you recommend our service to a friend?

Evolve in numbers

48,8% absolutely, I already did

34,9% I would

9,3% maybe

0% not really

7% nope*

* We’re still in touch with the ones from the 7%, because they keep using our services but they just don’t want their friends finding out about us. 🙂

Would you like to join our team?

A small and skilled team came together to offer the trading world their best work. If you would like to contribute to our growth, send us an email at team@evolve.markets

FAQ About us

We are a crypto native trading platform, and provide direct access to leveraged crypto trading and trading on forex, commodities, stocks and indices markets, with bitcoin, altcoin, gold or USD-margined accounts.

The people building the platform are crypto enthusiasts, forex traders and developers that appreciate your trust.

We've been here since 2016.

Our execution model for Forex, commodities and index CFDs is Straight Through Processing (STP). Our STP model sends all your orders directly to our liquidity providers, without any intervention of a dealing desk. 

Leveraged trading requires a good understanding of how margin and leverage works, as well as the skillset to navigate the markets with different trading strategies. Our trading platform is intuitive and equally suitable for novice traders and seasoned experts. Every trader can set their preferred leverage to lower or higher levels, according to their preference, risk appetite or trading strategy. We also provide free demo accounts, with all the same features and trading pairs for training without any risk, and for unlimited testing of your strategies and automated robots (EAs).

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