Sun-setting Evolve

After 7 years of providing stellar services to our loyal traders, Evolve Markets is sun-setting its trading platform. You are welcome to read the final message from our CEO:

The crypto industry is defined by rapid changes and high volatility and is the standard operating procedure the companies abruptly shut down in deep bear market periods or when volatility goes beyond what risk management thought it was reasonable. In that light I recognize how our decision to sunset Evolve during a bullish market may seem unconventional. For us, it’s just another decision that sets us apart.

We do not like sleazy advertising implying you are a single decision away from two girls in a Porsche, so we never engaged in that. We do not condone bait-and-switch tactics with big deposit bonuses that cannot be withdrawn, so we never offered them. We do not endorse influencers shilling questionable products to their audiences, so we never made such arrangements. We do not approve of fake broker awards that can be simply bought, so we never purchased one. We do not agree to paying bribes to review websites for better ratings, so we never paid them. We are not in favor of exchanges creating their own utility tokens without utility, so we never created one. We do not take security lightly, so we were never hacked. We do not endorse the use of customers’ funds for generating yield, so we never risked that. We do not believe in a fractional reserve system, so we never allowed that to occur. We do not think people should be charged exorbitant withdrawal fees, so our withdrawals were always free.

Evolve was born from the vision of crypto idealists with impossibly high standards of doing business. Throughout our 7-year-long journey, we’ve stayed true to our beliefs. Our long history of flawless operations, current company capitalization, exceptional customer satisfaction, and an orderly wind-down easily place us in the top 1 percent of all crypto companies. Bringing this chapter to a close, it’s not out of necessity but out of a steadfast refusal to compromise our core principles.

Thank you for being a part of our story.